A Guide to Viewing Virtual Reality Sex Videos: The Software

Including adult games and virtual erotic worlds.

Following our previous installment guide to virtual reality hardware, you’ve got your rig all set—high-end or Cardboard, whatever suits your needs or budget—so where do you go from here?

More precisely, where do you go to have that immersive erotic experience you’ve heard so much about?

More every day

What you can do depends on what you have: if the virtual reality fun you’re interested in is supported by your new hardware.

Fortunately, there’s a staggering number of companies pouring time, energy, and most of all money into virtual reality. This means that unless one particular platform completely stomps the competition, no matter what VR rig you’ve picked up, there’s bound to be something to erotically to enjoy—or there will be soon.

For low-end Google Cardboard users—or other smartphone using systems—Pornhub [NSFW] rocked the world with its announcement of a special section of its site dedicated to nothing but VR sex. Don’t despair Oculus Rift users: Pornhub [NSFW] has a section just for you.

Pornhub is not alone, of course. As a no-way comprehensive example, we haveBaDoinkVR.com [NSFW], VirtualRealPorn [NSFW], HoloGirlsVR [NSFW], SexLikeReal.com [NSFW], and many more who are leaping into virtual reality adult entertainment.

Virtual erotic worlds

While being able to have the visual illusion of being right “in the action,” other developers are investing in developing the social side of virtual reality.

Red Light Center [NSFW], for instance, supports the Rift (through its Curio browser) as does3DXChat [NSFW]. Chathouse 3D [NSFW] plans to as well. Other adult social platforms are doing the same or will no doubt follow suit shortly.

Alas, Second Life, which has been adapted into an erotic playground for many, has stated that it can’t easily adapt its digital playground for VR technology.

That doesn’t mean Second Life is out of the game, though. Linden Lab, the owners and operators of Second Life, are hard at work on Project Sansar: a from-the-ground-up virtual reality development and hosting platform that hopes to launch later this year.

This brings up an interesting technological issue: while many adult 3D social sites now offer a virtual reality option, it may be a bit of time before we see a state-of-the-art erotic virtual reality environment. Making a video in VR is one thing but it’s quite another to create an entire interactive world open to thousands of users; one that really maximizes the potential of virtual reality.

That being said, VR really does have the appearance of being here to stay. So it’s all just a matter of time.

The game is the thing

Sex may very well be a huge spur to VR development but don’t discount the power of games.After all Sony’s own VR gear is going to be available very soon.

So it’s natural that many developers are looking at chocolate and peanut butter: virtual erotic games.

In fact, a VR sex game title is being credited by Fortune as being a possible breakthrough for not just erotic entertainment but virtual reality itself in Japan. Superdata Research’s CEO, Joost van Dreunen, says in the Fortune article that “VR as a new platform rejuvenates the hope of sex game publishers to reach a broader audience” echoing what many are saying about a possible renaissance in erotic gaming.

While there are many projects in the works, sadly one of the most promising, Wicked Paradise (for the Rift) vanished recently despite a lot of initial buzz. This early excitement proves, though, that interest is certainly out there. However, as with social sites, the high-quality entries may still be in the future.

Hardware and then some

Meanwhile, we are also in the middle of an Internet-connected sex toy boom. Lovense, Kirroo, and Vibease are just three of many companies offering devices that can be controlled through via the web.

What this means for VR is a whole new dimension to what immersive entertainment is and can be. VirtualRealPorn [NSFW], for instance, has joined with the above-mentioned Lovense to link the latter’s devices to the former’s virtual reality videos.

And they aren’t the only ones. After all, the coding isn’t required to tie a VR experience or video to the actions of whatever-you-like in sex toys isn’t all that complex.

In fact, it could even be argued that the trepidations some have felt about using sex toys could be diminished or even alleviated by the simple fact that wearing a VR rig the sexual hardware can’t be seen—just felt.

As an example of this is the video circulating of what’s purported to be the Illusion VR setup: there’s been giggles, sniggers, and even a bit of outrage at the idea of a breast simulator and a genital device coupled with an Oculus Rift but very few have asked what the sensation was like for the wearer.

Which is, after all, what all this is really about: the pleasure of the experience itself.

Better than the real thing

Sex, as the old saying goes, sells. And in the case of VR adult entertainment, it could very well be that erotic pleasure could be a driving force in this virtual—and non-virtual—revolution.

Virtual reality is all about completely submerging the wearer in a new world. For now, it’s pretty much a visual experience, but no doubt in a few short years improvements in haptic technology, spurred by sex, will mean that VR will have the potential to be totally immersive.

What this will mean to humanity remains to be seen. But let’s stay optimistic and embrace the idea that anything that allows one person to experience life, and sex, as someone else has to be a very good thing indeed.

Image source: VirtualRealTube