A futuristic cityscape.

A Day in Your Mind-blowing Future Sex Life

An exploration of the erotic possibilities rushing toward us in the next decades.

A futuristic cityscape.

It’s pretty darned fun trying to imagine what life might be like like 10, 20, or even 50 years from now.

It’s even more exciting to imagine what sex would be like in the future.

So here, based on current technological innovations and social changes, is a playful look at what tomorrow might be like—especially when it comes to the ageless playground of human sexuality.

Are you ready to play?

After a perfect night’s rest—your implanted medications guaranteeing it, customized as they are to your own unique genetic structure—you awake bright and eager for a new day.

Using sensors built into its structure, your home detects your emotional state and either warms or cools your environment to meet your needs. It then preps your morning beverage of choice, perhaps even assembling a breakfast suggestion based on what’s in the fridge.

Your shelves are never really bare, food often being delivered by drones and stocked by your faithful home robot. That is when you don’t want to personally shop at the nearest farmer’s market. If you’re not in the mood to cook, your kitchen can do a lot of it for you: 3D printing a pretty complete meal at a moment’s notice.

To people living a few decades prior, your home might appear both remarkably small as well as starkly minimalistic. Your bed’s sheets are nanofabric, and so stain and scent resistant. Your kitchen is clean and smoothly efficient—as is your bathroom.

There might be art, some lovingly handcrafted items from friends. But most of the walls are bare, because for most of the day you won’t be looking at them.

Your world in your glasses

From your nightstand you collect your augmented reality (AR) glasses. French Colonial today, or maybe something Japanese? Your choice: what you want your space to look like will be projected into your vision through the glasses. Sitting down in your smart chair, that automatically adjusts to your body, you greet the day: projected images, streams of text, video chat windows all beamed into your sight.

But today your mind is wonderfully distracted so you reach out into your world of friends—and more than friends. Some are close by, so assignations are just a short bike or autonomous vehicle ride away. Is your or their space too small? There are love hotel spaces available all over. Just pick a style you both enjoy and make a date.

A small and intimate world

Alas, your circle of playmates are all busy this morning. But you get a flirty nibble from someone in Johannesburg; you and their sexual compatibility fluidly compared. Smoothly you learn all you need to about this person’s needs, concerns, and desires.

Consent is asked and received, both of you agreeing for your time together to be monitored by a neutral software package.

So many wonderful choices: perhaps you are your morning playmate would like to share direct neural stimulation? Or maybe you just want to have fun the slightly old-fashioned way? If the former, it’s just matter of activating your neural interface: every sense, including touch, being subsequently delivered directly into your brain

Or perhaps a more physical kind of play? You have the suitable hardware, and what you don’t have you can just make in your personal 3D printer,and when you’re done whatever isn’t needed can just be broken down and recycled.

Your android is there for you

You don’t have to go out if you don’t want to—over the net or meeting up with a physical playmate in the area. Your personal android, after all, has all kinds of attachments and can please you in all kinds of ways.

And play doesn’t have to be just play: perhaps you want to work on your relationship skills, or your physical lovemaking techniques? Your bot ? can become whatever you sexually want—but also what you emotionally need.

When your house system reads your emotions, it can do more than just dim the lights or turn on the heat. Stress, depression, anxiety—your android will do everything from rub your shoulders to reach out to others when you need help.

The new, sexually enhanced you

After your lovely morning romp you decide that a shower is in order. Your house, reading your jubilant mood, tweaks the environment with scents and sounds and maybe even slight enhancements to your augmented reality view of your space.

Your body is whatever you want it to be. Through genetic engineering and various implants your body perfectly reflects your true self. Your health is monitored and carefully—and unobtrusively—maintained by your home and your personal digital assistants. Your body is yours to do with whatever you desire.

Loneliness is a thing of the past

Evidence of this is your lunch: guided by your software friends, it is perfectly healthy and balanced just for you—and it tastes wonderful.

Afterward you spend a bit of time working. A little creative work, assisting some artificial intelligence somewhere, or remotely operating some piece of hardware.

Then there’s either your garden or the community one, for when you want to get some dirt under your nails. A friend’s birthday is coming up, as well: so perhaps some time creating something handcrafted to mark the occasion.

Social time as well, and like sexual play, it can either be a short trip away or immediate through your AR glasses. Your circles are varied and vast, from your chess club to those you share your sexual interests. Whatever you decide, it is always a safe space because it is one you have selected that fits exactly who you are. No longer do you have to find a circle of people and hope that it works out. Your agents and home know you so well they can locate just the right place for you.

A world of self-definition

Night is coming-—maybe sleep, maybe more sexual play, maybe more work, maybe anything: it is your choice.

You are not just who you want to be physically. The world is all about self-definition: your sexual orientation, your gender, your beliefs, they are all for you to choose—or change.

The structure of society is equally flexible. Some are married, others are not. Some live communally, others solitary. There are polyamorous households with many, or a few, sharing their lives together. There are BDSM communities with members consensually owning, or being owned, by others. There are those in relationships with their androids or their virtual assistants.

The respect and tolerance is common: treating others the way you would like to be treated. You have to right to live your life but not to tell others how to live theirs,though consent is always clear and respected.

The world has become both vast with possibilities and beautifully intimate through a newfound deep understanding of human wants and needs.

Yes, sleep: dreams of what else might come in even a farther future. But for now it was a good day–with pleasure experienced and shared.

And who knows what the next day will bring?

Image sources: Mona Eberhardt, Ted Eytan, Jason, Ashley Campbell