7 Killer Sex Robots

A list of the sexiest and deadliest fictional robots.

From The Terminator to Cherry 2000, robots in movies and television tend to be either lethal or meant purely for pleasure — not both. But there are some cases where the two elements are combined. The result is much more impressive than your classic and dainty Stepford wife. What could be hotter than a robot who can seduce and murder you with ease?

Bionic is a great example of what happens when a sexbot becomes murderous. But she isn’t the only one. Here are seven of the sexiest killer robots:

1. The fembots from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

The moment Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots are Made for Walking” plays and an army of beautiful Barbarella-like blonds appear is one of the most iconic moments in movie history. They also bear a striking resemblance to the gynoids in Dr. Goldfoot and His Bikini Machine. They were obviously a big influence.

These fembots are made to seduce with their bodies and assassinate with the power of their robotic gun breasts. They nearly knock off Austin Powers, but incredibly he manages to out-seduce them to the point that they’re pushed into a short-circuiting frenzy. Union Jack spandex Speedos will do that.

2. Pris from Blade Runner

Pris is a “pleasure model” replicant with spectacular strength. She is played by Daryl Hannah in a stylishly futuristic, new wave punk outfit. The garter belt and sheer nylon outfits she sports throughout the film are sensual as well as practical for her fun and deadly purpose. They enhance her perfect body as well as make it easier to move with incredible speed and fight like a machine.

Her erotic deadliness is really made apparent in the scene where she tries to break Rick Deckard’s neck by crushing him between her alluring thighs. She is “retired” by Deckard, played by Harrison Ford, after an epic fight sequence in a creepy animatronic warehouse.

3. Casella Reese from Cyborg 2

Played by a young and sultry Angelina Jolie, Casella Reese is a cyborg created for seduction and espionage. She is programmed to seduce her way into a rival Japanese cybernetics company and explode. Casella looks like a real woman and can feel love, hate, pain, and lust.

The problem is since she has human emotions, she ends up falling in love with her combat trainer Colson Ricks and aborts her mission. If she has sex, an explosive called “glass shadow” will detonate inside her, giving her lover the ultimate climax. What happens when a deadly cyborg falls in love? A lot of death and destruction and a NSFW Angelina Jolie love scene.

4. The Buffybot from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Spike, a ruthless vampire born in the 1800s, develops a bizarre obsession for vampire slayer Buffy Summers — despite all her attempts to kill him. Fed up by her rejection, Spike forces a college tech expert to create a sexbot replica of Buffy. This is a great example of what could happen if you were able to custom make your very own realistic sex robot. Spike has a lot of fun with the Buffybot, including getting it on in a graveyard. He is a vampire after all.

At first, the Buffybot serves as a cathartic outlet for Spike’s pent up lust and aggression toward the real Buffy. But she is later reprogrammed to be more like the Chosen One herself and to act as a decoy. Buffybot stakes vampires and can fight, but not as well as the real Buffy. She ends up being torn apart by a demonic biker gang. Buffybot was a much better lover than a fighter.

5. The Liu-bots from Futurama

Futurama is the perfect show for tech lovers. There is nonstop hilarity with witty social commentary that centers around a futuristic world.  The episode “I Dated a Robot” hones in on the impact celebrity culture has on people’s perception of the perfect mate. In this case, the perfect mate is a Lucy Liu robot.

Using virtual reality, a questionably intelligent but sweet human named Fry goes inside the Internet to find a celebrity dating site called Nappster. With it he chooses to download the personality of his favorite actress, Lucy Liu, into a blank robot.

Dressed in a tight purple dress and white go-go boots, the Liu-bot has that classic fembot appeal. Even her robotic voice and tendency to say generically programmed phrases does not deter Fry from absolutely adoring her.

This relationship seems ideal until Fry’s friends show him a Public Service Announcement (PSA)  called “Don’t Date Robots!”

The PSA is a satirical warning about what could happen if humans went out with computerized celebrity partners: we would be so distracted by our perfect lovers that we would stop reproducing or doing anything except make out with them. This would allow aliens to eventually destroy Earth.

True to the warning, the Liu-bot is so perfect that Fry does nothing but spend time with her. Fry’s best friend, a hedonistic robot named Bender, is even morally outraged by this coupling.

In fact, all of Fry’s friends are convinced the robot/human relationship is dangerous and confront Nappster. That’s when they discover that Nappster is really Kidnappster, an enterprise that kidnaps and illegally makes copies of real celebrities. The gang rescues the real Lucy Liu’s head, causing Kidnappster to fight back by creating an army of Lucy Liu “erotic assassins.”

These versions of the Liu-bot are very similar to Lucy Liu’s O-ren Ishii character in Kill Bill: Vol. 1. The Liu-bots sport slick, tight-fitting black outfits and are masters of martial arts. If one deadly sex robot is hot, imagine an army of them!

As the erotic assassins destroy everything in sight, the original Liu-bot risks her life for Fry and eradicates the duplicates. Fry then declares his love for the Liu-bot before erasing her memory to appease the real Lucy Liu.

Yet in a humorous twist, the Lucy Liu head declares her love for Bender, thus creating another human/robot union.

Since this is a cartoon on network television, kissing is as far as these sexbots go. But the implication of risk is there, especially if the making out is so good that aliens could end up taking over the world.

6. Number Six from Battlestar Galactica

The deadliest and sexiest of all, Number Six, uses her powers of seduction to destroy most of humanity and start a universal war between humans and cylons. With her signature tight red dress and perfect…EVERYTHING, she can get any straight, male human to do her bidding.

As with all cylons in this series, there are vast copies of Number Six. This model in particular is a fierce fighter who remains gorgeous even when she’s beating someone unconscious.

Nicknamed after the planet she helps destroy, a Six copy named Caprica uses her tantalizing powers to gain access to the Colonial defense system by seducing an egocentric genius named Dr. Gaius Baltar. 

This access helps the cylons tap into the government’s security secrets, which leads to the annihilation of most of the human race. The only humans left are the ones who are able to get away on spacecrafts. With continuous good luck and his brilliant intellect, Baltar is able to save himself and become one of the few survivors.

However, Caprica Six gets into Dr. Baltar’s brain so that he can see and feel her even when she isn’t physically there. At first he thinks she has implanted a chip, but a brain scan reveals nothing. The way the two connect to each other’s minds is never fully explained, but it truly messes with Baltar’s head to the point where he questions his own sanity and his peers assume he’s mad.

Caprica Six uses this control to continue the destruction of what’s left of humanity. As Dr. Baltar and his fellow humans battle for their lives and search for a new home, he simultaneously sabotages their plans due to her strong sexual influence. He eventually falls in love with her and turns on his own species.

The Six is a robot model so beautiful and deadly that she is worth ending the world for.

7. Maria from Metropolis

Maria is not only a classic film character, but she’s the robot that all female robots in movies, television, and even real life are based on. Filmed in 1927, Metropolis has become iconic. If you look at any representation of a gynoid, you will see influences of Maria in some form.

When people make reference to Maria, it is typically her robot version. In the film, Maria is originally a human prophet who helps the poor working class. These disparaged people labor endlessly underground to power the city of Metropolis for the elite who live decadently above.

A sensual robot version of Maria is created when Joh Frederson, the Master of Metropolis, finds that his son Freder is in love with the dissenter and aiding her revolutionary cause. His plan is to ruin Maria’s saintly image and end any chance of uprising against his empire.

In order to carry out this evil plot, Frederson seeks the help of a crazed inventor named Rotwang.  By kidnapping and trapping the human Maria in a clear chamber connected to an android, Rotwang is able to impose her likeness upon the robot. The fully transformed android is so realistic that Freder faints when he finds her with Rotwang and his father.

After coming to, Freder finds a dinner invitation from Rotwang to see a new erotic dancer. It is at this dinner that the false Maria is unleashed. As she rises from the stage and swivels her hips to a crowd of leering men, a preacher gives an apocalyptic speech, announcing the arrival of the Whore of Babylon. He picks up his Bible and opens a page to a picture of her. The fraudulent Maria is dressed exactly like the woman in the book, complete with headdress and scant clothing.

Robot Maria’s seductive dance then begins the destruction of Metropolis.

Scenes of skeletons, death, apocalyptic quotes, and men driven to carnal madness are spliced in between her performance. Even though the fake Maria does not have sex in the film, for that time period, the scene was very risqué.

This dance provokes men to riot and kill over their unyielding sexual desire for her. Robot Maria then convinces the laboring class to rise up, causing Metropolis to flood and fall to ruin. The humanoid ends up being burned at the stake when the workers realize they have abandoned their children underground, leaving their lives in peril because they followed a “witch.” Luckily, the real Maria escapes and saves the children just in time.

Despite mixed reviews when it was first released, Metropolis is now a timeless classic that has influenced films like Blade Runner and Star Wars. Robot Maria continues to inspire artists, science fiction fans, and gynoid aficionados. Her demure human counterpart is not nearly as memorable.

There are certainly more than just seven sexy killer androids. Who is your favorite fictional sex robot?

Image Source: Jiuguang Wang