2-Way Sex Toys Raise the Stakes in Sex Tech

Virtual sex just got a whole lot more interesting—and interactive.

Max and Nora, a pair of sex toys created by Lovense, each send and receive intimate sensations.

These bi-directional male and female devices are making long-distance sex between couples more authentic. Other remote sex gadgets, such as the RealTouch and Vstroker [NSFW], have only transmitted one-way signals. However, according to Kyle Machulis of Metafish, the OIOO enabled two-way communication for sex devices in 2008.

Launched for sale earlier this year, the Lovense products run over wireless Bluetooth connections.

“Lovense is the only toy in the market that makes virtual sex nearly close to the real sex,” said co-founder and CEO Daniel Lau in an email.

The Ins and Outs

An exciting feature is Max’s gravity sensor, which reacts to up and down movements and signals the female device to move along with it.

Max is tube-like in appearance and is 8.96 inches long and 2.36 inches wide. An air pump inside allows users to adjust its size to suit their needs. During remote sex it can also move in and out to grip the penis.

Nora is a smart dildo that rotates and vibrates on command and in response to her partner Max. It also sends signals to Max to make it pulsate.

Nora resembles the popular rabbit design with internal and external parts. The section that enters a woman’s vagina is 3.91 inches long and 1.35 inches wide.

Both Max and Nora are made from medical grade silicone and use Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. But only Nora is waterproof.

Bridging the Gap between Long-Distance Lovers

It all started back in 2009 when Andy (one of our co-founders) and his girlfriend were in a long-distance relationship,” said Lau about the beginning of Lovense.

Knowing how separation can put strain on a couple, they began building remote sex toys. Their first device, Remote Pleasure, was a mini vibrator that could be controlled over Skype and vibrate to music.

Two years later in 2011, iMan and iLady were released. The male and female sex toys worked through PC web connections, but had limited functionality.  Only the male device could send signals to its companion.

With its new capabilities, Lau strongly recommends Max and Nora for lovers who are far away from one another.

“There are many things that can cause long distance relationship failure. However, our research shows that sexual intimacy has been the top reason to cause that failure,” he said.

“We can’t guarantee our toys [will] keep your long-distance relationship forever. We can, however, promise that our toys will greatly improve your relationship.”

The toys should also work for gay and lesbian couples, Lau added. While the company has not done much testing in the area, it hopes to later expand into it with software upgrades.

The Body Chat App

To operate Max and Nora, users will also need to download Lovense’s Body Chat app.  With it you can make audio and video calls and even access a digital remote to control your partner’s device.

The app is currently available for the iPad, iPhone, Android phones and Windows computers. Software for Mac computers is planned for release in a few months.

Note: A correction has been made to clarify that Max and Nora are not the world’s first bi-directional sex toys as claimed by Lovense. 

Image source: Lovense