Adult ryptocurrency tokens are displayed.

19 Adult Cryptocurrencies Startups Want in Your Digital Wallet

Sex industry embraces the blockchain in cryptosex craze.

Adult ryptocurrency tokens are displayed.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding digital currencies and how the blockchain could solve problems facing the adult industry. Wide-eyed startups paint a future in which performers receive a higher cut due to lower transaction fees. The blockchain itself could track the reputation of consumers and providers while ensuring privacy.

Perhaps best of all, the industry could create its own digital economy unencumbered by the stigma and regulations of banks and mainstream payment processors.

These notions are seductive and several companies are releasing cryptocurrencies specifically designed to pay for sexual content, services, and products. Some of the coins are now available to purchase on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Others you may be able to gain access to through initial coin offerings (ICOs).

However, most of the cryptosex startups don’t sell actual products but vaporware: the idea of a blockchain platform for which development is nowhere near finished if even started. And purchasing an adult cryptocurrency doesn’t mean you will have anywhere to actually spend it.

Here we offer a quick list of adult cryptocurrencies. Motherboard writer Jessica Klien reviewed many of them in a recent article that’s quite funny and informative that we suggest you check out if you want more details from someone who isn’t selling them.

We are in no way endorsing anyone to buy these cryptocurrencies but instead letting you know some of what is out there.

Adult cryptocurrencies

ExoLover (EXO)


Intimate (ITM) 

SpankChain (SPANK)

Sexcoin (SXC)

Okoin (OKO)

VanillaPlay (VPY)

Titcoin (TIT)

Tittiecoin (TTC)

FAPcoin (FAP)


PornCoin (PRNC)

Animation Vision Cash (AVH)

Eroiy (EROIY)

Nocta (NOCTA)

sexService (SSIO)

LiveStars (LIVE)

Legends Room (LGD)

Bigboobscoin (BBC)

These adult cryptocurrencies are here today, perhaps gone tomorrow. While the list includes Bigboobscoin (BBC), it looks like it may have gone the way of Clitcoin and no longer exists. If you know more about what’s going on, however, let us know.

What do you think of this list of adult cryptocurrencies? If you know of other digital coins designed for the sex industry or have more information on the ones we’ve listed here, please share in the comments below.